Wednesday, July 22, 2009

companies taking advantage of workers due to the bad economy

During the last few years, since our economy has declined i noticed companies taking advantage of employees. The company I work for in which I will not name at this time for various reasons, has increased the work load with less employees to do the task. Who do you complain to? no one because if you do, their response would be your lucky to have a job.

Not only that, management has lost a great deal of respect for their front line workers which has caused a decrease in employee morale. For the last several years I have found it very difficult getting up in the morning, rushing to work to find that I am not appreciated or respected as you should be. I then finally realized that your job controls you, if you allow it to. Your job determines when to take a vacation, when to get up in the morning and when to go to bed at night, among other things. Sometimes we don't realize that because we are so caught up in our jobs, and are afraid to speak up for fear of loosing it. What we must realize is who blessed us with the job in the first place, Which is God almighty and that we should put our trust in him because he is our source of wealth. So when you get discouraged talk to God, and remember in his word he said that we shall cast all our cares and burdens on him because he loves us.(1 peter 5:7)


  1. Wow soooooooooooo true, now that I read,digest and give it some thought. GREAT BLOG !!! THANKS FOR SHARING.......

  2. u r so right, so many people are afraid to
    speak up right now because of the way the economy is, u r right, they should talk to god,
    and be able to express how they feel out loud,
    otherwise it is going to get worse, joe, keep
    the faith, and help people get the courage to
    speak up! DANA.

  3. enjoyed the inspirational reading, keep up the good work...I c the chip,(Joe) did'nt fall far from the tree,(Mary)...Lets keep ea other & the fam n prayer...Much LOVE from your Florida auntee,BA

  4. I read comments like this all the time. Some of you say and preach about God. Most of you's do not practice it. For the most part the world is full of greed everyone is suing for anything. The work places where it becomes very political takes over and everyone is out to screw one another. So do yourselves a favor do not preach and talk about how embracing and thankful we are to have a job which God gave us. Unless you are going to walk in Gods narrow path and begin by treating others as you want them to treat you.